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The Power of the First Daughter, Doctor and Concubine Dominates the World



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The Power of the First Daughter, Doctor and Concubine Dominates the World

Novel SummaryShe is the eldest daughter of the Zanying family, born noble, beautiful and beautiful, with a peerless appearance;In the last life, she gave everything she had to help him win the world, but in return she got all her family killed;In the last life, the person who killed her ascended to the throne of the phoenix, the mother of the world, the honor and wealth, but she was imprisoned in the cold palace and suffered all kinds of humiliation;Reborn in elementary school, she is no longer a pawn at the mercy of others, she is the best in the world in medical skills, and she has a delicate heart to plan and plan the world;In this life, she wants to protect her dear ones, to avenge her revenge, and to avenge her grudges;In this life, she wants that young man who rides his horse and sings lightly, regardless of sword, light or sword, to live a long and safe life!- Description from MTLNovelDetails

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