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The Resurrected Evil Prince Decided to Start an Experiment of Love



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The Resurrected Evil Prince Decided to Start an Experiment of Love

“Aah, in my next life, I want to live an interesting life…!”That was what he thought before he died, but when he woke up it was five years ago?!Seeing the broken fragments of the “guardian stone” on his chest, Nagi, the third prince of Pluvia Kingdom, remembered everything.The memory of his very last moments was being burned at the stake as an “evil prince”, and being glared at by Mika, his knight childhood friend.The knight Mika and the prince Nagi, a love fantasy interwoven with a strange master-servant relationship.While saving his older brother from execution, he solves the mystery of his return from death.Surely, love between different statuses will not come true.Nevertheless, in order to change the future of this country, Nagi decided to start an “experiment to be loved”.

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