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The Third Prince Want a Slow Live



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The Third Prince Want a Slow Live

Once upon a time, the main character was reincarnated in another world and became a hero.Before his reincarnation, his life was like a company s*ave, and after reincarnation, he spent his days as a company s*ave, just like hell.“God… give me a break…”With tears in his eyes, he begged the goddess before his second reincarnation to become the third prince of a certain kingdom.One of his two brilliant older brothers will undoubtedly succeed to the throne, and as a carefree third prince, he is determined to live as he pleases, using the magic and knowledge he has acquired thus far. But……?This is the story of the protagonist, who seeks a slow life in his second reincarnation, relaxing, playing, cooking, and gaining more fiancés due to pressure.

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