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Transmigrated Into the Film King's Little Wife

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Transmigrated Into the Film King's Little Wife

Novel SummaryLiang Wen transmigrated into an entertainment article, and the original owner was a mentally handicapped female supporting role who was blind and blind. Not only did he lose his marriage with the film emperor Ying Shunchen, but he was also brainwashed by the heroine of the white lotus, not to mention that he voluntarily handed over his qualifications for graduation performances.When Liang Wen arrived, her hidden husband Ying Shunchen happened to return to China.Airport. She was deformed by fans, and the envelope she was holding in her hand was dragged away.Ying Shunchen said loudly, “I prefer handwritten letters to those of you who spend money on gifts for me.”Liang Wen’s hands were frozen in the air: that…that’s not a letter, it’s a divorce agreement.This has not been explained clearly, the next day Liang Wen was forced to stand at the entrance of the dance academy with a support light sign.Ying Shunchen, who came to give the lecture, rolled down the car window and found his little wife holding a light sign.The big words above are impressive: Husband, I want to give birth to a monkey for you.Now I can’t explain anything.small theater:At the dance forest meeting, she accidentally joined forces with Ying Shunchen, just as she turned around and twisted her graceful body, with a hook of her finger, someone directly kissed her.Liang Wen blushed: …Mr. Ying, please show your professionalism.Ying Shunchen: Retired. Your husband doesn’t have that quality.Liang Wen:? ? ? Bought from the best actor trophy at home?One-sentence copywriting: Immortals dance, suck online…Darling!Content Tags: Aristocratic Family Traveling Through Time and Space Entertainment Circle Wearing BooksSearch keywords: Protagonist: Liang Wen, Ying Shunchen ┃ Supporting role: none ┃ Others: none- Description from MTLNovelDetails

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