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Villain's Koi Fish Mother

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Villain's Koi Fish Mother

Li Xia, who was in the terminal stage of a type of cancer named poverty, discovered that she was chosen by a Wealth Flaunting System as the lucky Koi Fish. System’s main mission: Transmigrate into different worlds as the richest mother of the villain, instill correct values to the villain and prevent him from turning evil. System’s side mission: The System would provide infinite money, spend money to slap others in the face, and completely change your fate! Li Xia: “Mummy will always stay by your side.” Rich and wealthy: “My wife is infertile, here’s 5 million, give my son to me.” Li Xia: “Oh? How about I give you 10 times the amount, leave us alone!” Li Xia: “Alright, no problem.” Best Actor: “I won’t ever recognize him as my son, if you dare to expose me, then don’t blame me for taking action.” Li Xia: “Then do it, let’s see which is more useful, the fame of a Best Actor or money.”

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