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When I Announced A Divorce, The Obsessive Maniac Went Crazy

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When I Announced A Divorce, The Obsessive Maniac Went Crazy

I possessed a R-19 BL novel.I was the wife of an obsessive maniac.Daphne was a character who was killed by the main character while bullying the master.To escape from this death route, I thought I should disappear quietly without intervening between the two of them.I can get divorced, take alimony, live a new life, and live as I want.Looking at the eyes of the two main characters, I only looked for a chance to leave.I finally declared Cesare a divorce.“We’re getting divorced.”But this obsession reaction is weird.“Did you have an affair with him?”Who?“Gabriel, the s*ave I brought.”… I didn’t cheat…?“I’ll be your new home.”Why are you saying something that could be misunderstood? Weren’t you all gay?Why are you doing this to me!

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