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Chapter 3953 - A Perfect Match (149)

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Chapter 3953: A Perfect Match (149)

Liang Yin licked her lips but said nothing. She touched her cheek. It seemed… She was the kind who didn’t know how to act coquettish.

Qin Zhou took a last bite of toast and looked across at her. He rubbed the tips of his fingers lightly, casually cleaning the crumbs off.

“More milk?”

“Yeah … sure.”

“A glass of warm milk in the morning nourishes the stomach.”

Liang Yin watched in a daze as Qin Zhou stood up. For a moment, she could not take her eyes off him.


Looking into the mirror, the actor casually picked up the can of hair mousse and sprayed his blow-dried hair, and carefully styled it. A towel was wrapped around his waist. As he combed his hair, he noticed from the corner of his eye that his chest muscles had somewhat shrunk.


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It had only been a short time. Liang Yin had not paid any attention to exercise and now his chest muscles had shrunk.


Damn it, it took him so long to train his pecs, and Liang Yin had actually lost them!

So angry.

The actor squeezed his chest with heartache. They look wasted.

“Never mind. Now that I’m back, I’ll start training again!” The actor touched it again and then checked his abs. Fortunately, they hadn’t shrunk. Thank God.

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang.

Hua Jin poked his head out and looked towards the door. Could it be Liang Yin?’

He walked to the door and looked through the peephole. Immediately, he almost choked with fear! A huge sense of regret came over him.

“Gong…!” With the mention of that one word, he quickly covered his mouth tightly!

Gong Jie!?

Why was he here!

What did he want!

The actor leaned against the door and then peered through the peephole again. He saw Gong Jie staring fixedly at the peephole, as if he could see him through it. For a moment, he felt more and more cornered.

He pretended he wasn’t there.

The actor turned and tiptoed back to the living room, pretending he wasn’t there.

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Gong Jie gave the door a solid kick.

“Open up!”

The actor shuddered violently, and his shoulders hunched as he shrank back.

He clenched his fists in grief and indignation. Outside the door, Gong Jie drawled, “I know you’re in there, Hua Jin!”


How did he know!? Could it be that he had X-ray vision?!

The actor turned around suspiciously, biting nervously on his lip.

This Liang Yin! Stupid teammate!

Did she really confess to Gong Jie?!

The actor had thought that Liang Yin must have been joking with him.

If it was just a joke… Why had Gong Jie come to the hotel!?

“Open up!” The man added, “I warn you, my patience is limited!”

Flustered, the actor tried to go back into the living room to grab his jacket and put it on. He searched around, wondering where Liang Yin had left it. Gong Jie kicked the door again, as though he might break it down.

He ran his fingers through his hair and walked to the door. He took a few deep breaths before mustering the courage to open it. Then he gave what he thought was an extremely bright and friendly smile and looked at the man outside.

“Master Jie… uh.”

Gong Jie’s expression was as dark as Hua Jin’s smile was radiant.

The man looked Hua Jin up and down. Naked from the waist up, towel wrapped around his waist, hair carefully styled, the smile on his face as fake as it could be.

Gong Jie narrowed his eyes as he studied the other man, then snorted. “Are you deaf?”

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