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Chapter 870 - You Look Really Awesome

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Chapter 870: You Look Really Awesome

After leaving the restaurant and getting into the car, Matriarch Wei patted the back of Wei Jin’s hand. “Although it’s a marriage alliance, the Wei family won’t push you into the fire pit.”

“Thank you, Grandma.” Wei Jin smiled and nodded. However, there was no extra joy in her misty eyes.

After all, marriage meant the same to her, whoever she married.

After various guarantee treaties, Mu Feng let Old Master Mu vent his anger and could finally come out of the private room.

Outside the restaurant, Fatty Liu was waiting for him in his car. Mu Feng jumped into the front passenger seat. “Let’s go to the training ground.”

Fatty Liu was frightened as he watched the silver-white car race on the track.

“What’s wrong with Brother Mu today?” Someone came over. “From the looks of it, he won’t stop until he wears out the track.”

“I don’t understand. He became like this after a blind date.” Fatty Liu was also puzzled. Could it be that the other party was too ugly and made Mu Feng break down? 

Everyone was discussing. On the track, Mu Feng held the steering wheel and raised his speed to the limit.

On the edge of life and death, Mu Feng’s mind was blank, as if everything had been filtered out.

However, those misty eyes lingered in his thoughts.

Mu Feng increased his speed again and stepped on the accelerator. Under everyone’s exclamations, he reached the end.

“Congratulations, Brother Mu. You broke the record again.” Fatty Liu walked over with two bottles of water.

Mu Feng took it and took a sip. “Go to Qing University and investigate a teacher called Wei Jin. Find her class schedule. From tomorrow onwards, accompany me to class.”

“Ah?!” Fatty Liu was shocked by Mu Feng’s words.

A teacher from the Qing University? How old was she? Could it be that Brother Mu liked mature people? Love between an older woman and a younger man?! 

Fatty Liu wanted to ask more, but Mu Feng had already walked far away.

He quickly got someone to spend money to get a copy of Wei Jin’s class schedule.

On the way to class with Mu Feng, Fatty Liu said earnestly, “Brother Mu, there are so many young and beautiful girls in Beijing. Don’t take things too hard.”

“Get lost.” Mu Feng had already returned to his usual attire. His silver hair fluttered, and he attracted countless admiring gazes as he walked.

The two of them sneaked into the classroom and found a seat in the corner of the last row.

Although Mu Feng did not let Fatty Liu speak, Fatty Liu thought of how well Mu Feng had treated him for so many years and still felt that he could not watch him go astray.

Hence, Fatty Liu sent Mu Feng more than ten links on WeChat.

“There are ten disadvantages to a relationship with an older woman and a younger man. Please consider it carefully.”

“You think you’ve conquered her, but in fact, you’re just the most inconspicuous person in her life experience.”

“The best age difference between a man and a woman is three years. It’s a tragedy to be over ten years old.”

Fatty Liu was in a good mood when he suddenly received a friend request.

Mu Feng had already deleted him as a good friend.

“Brother Mu.”

“Shut up.” Mu Feng threw his phone into his pocket impatiently.

The bell rang and the classroom quickly fell silent. Fatty Liu supported his head and looked around, wanting to see what kind of old demon could charm Brother Mu to this extent.

Then, he saw a woman wearing a light green cheongsam walk in with her hair gently tied up with a jade hairpin.

Fatty Liu had even less stock than Mu Feng. He searched for all the adjectives.

In the end, he could only sigh.

“Brother Mu, the woman you like is really awesome!”

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