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Chapter 469 - My Secrets with Stars (9)

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Chapter 469: Chapter 470 My Secrets with Stars (9)

“Wu Lefeng?!”

It must be Wu Lefeng! I was equally surprised, “Let’s find out.” I had always been not very concerned about other people’s affairs, but this time it was an exception. After all, the people involved were three big stars in the whirlpool of public opinion!

“I don’t think this is appropriate,” Although Liusu said it was not appropriate, she still moved slowly and quietly with me.

“What’s inappropriate about it? It’s not like we want to eavesdrop on it. We just get lost and want to ask them for directions.” I made this excuse shamelessly. Instinctively told me that their quarrels were not simple. Actually, I didn’t care why they were quarreling, I just hoped that Liusu would see the contrast between stars when they were on and off the stage, so that she would no longer blindly worship stars in the future.

I knew that the reason why I did this was mainly that I didn’t like the fact that Liusu admired Wu Lefeng.

“Lefeng, I was talking about you,” Mu Rui said anxiously, “Can you say something?”

“What do you want me to say?” The closer we got to the door, the clearer the voice inside. Wu Lefeng’s listless tone paused, and then as if he finally compromised, he cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, “Fine, I will say something… Who is the shameless bitch here, I think you know better than anyone. Tong Feifei, what did Mu Rui do to you that you have to treat her this way? If you don’t like it, then don’t go after her, just come at me.”

Before he could finish his words, Rui Mu interrupted him,” Lefeng! Are you still a man or not? Why can’t you be more tolerant?! ‘

“How can I be a man if I tolerate her saying that to you?” Wu Lefeng said coldly: “Tong Feifei, if it wasn’t for your young age, I would’ve fucking slapped you already!” Wu Lefeng was not only swearing, but he was actually swearing at a girl who was more than ten years younger than him! Liusu couldn’t believe that her idol was actually so vulgar.

However, I didn’t feel that way. I didn’t like Tong Fei Fei, so contrary to Liusu’s feeling, I felt that Wu Lefeng’s swearing was very satisfying.

Tong Feifei roared hysterically: “You called me a shameless bitch!?”

Another female voice sounded at this time and persuaded: “Calm down, Xiao Fei. Lefeng’s words are indeed too strong, but you are not completely without faults. So everyone just takes a step back. Haven’t you had enough trouble today?”

“What did I do wrong? “Tong Feifei said angrily, “Did he not commit bigamy? I just told everyone the truth! Why am I in the wrong?!”

Liusu gasped in shock, and I stopped immediately, not daring to move any closer to the door. Wu Lefeng really committed bigamy! So he and Mu Rui…

“Bigamy is not the truth, but I did owe Mu Rui a lot. I’ve told you the same before,” Wu Lefeng said frankly, “Yes, I have two women. Since I dared to tell you at that time, it means that I am not afraid of you telling anyone about it. I am a coward, and I don’t have the courage to say it by myself. It is actually a big relief for me that you can tell it to the public for me. I should thank you for doing it, but what I cannot forgive you is your purpose for doing it. You said that you just told everyone the truth. I have no problem with that. But what is your purpose for telling everyone the truth? It was not to create hype for the movie, nor was it to defend Mu Rui. You just want to ruin our relationship, and break us apart. You want me to succumb to the pressure of public opinion and do something that would hurt her! Tong Feifei, I will make it clear to you today. I, Wu Lefeng, have been in this circle for ten years, and I have seen through many things a long time ago. I am already tired of it. I am not afraid of being canceled, nor having my reputation ruined. Even if I can no longer be a star, I am still myself. Even after leaving the entertainment circle, I will still survive. If you think that this is what I owe you, I’m willing to pay it back. You just need to say it. Even if you want me to retire from this circle, I can make an announcement tomorrow without any problem. But you better remember this, I don’t mind you going after me, but I will never allow you to hurt my family and my women. I don’t care if Mu Rui will forgive you or not, but I won’t.”

“You, you cold-hearted scumbag! Was it just me who hurt you?! Did you not hurt me?” Tong Feifei shouted with a crying voice, “Wu Lefeng, don’t you dare think that I will give up! What I gave, I will get it all back! Just breathing the air in a room with you two makes me feel sick! Elder Sister Chen, let’s go!”

I had a feeling that Tong Feifei wanted to leave in a hurry not because she was angry, but because she didn’t want to cry in front of Wu Lefeng and Mu Rui.

Liusu pulled hard, urging me to leave the place quickly. But when I finally reacted, it was already too late. The door of the room a few steps away from me was suddenly pushed open, and Tong Feifei, with an angry face and tears in the corners of her eyes, almost ran into my arms.

Seeing that we were exposed, I couldn’t help chuckle awkwardly. This fierce young woman would definitely scold me as a shameless eavesdropper, right? However, to my surprise, after Tong Feifei noticed us, she was only dazed for a short while. Then she just snorted coldly, “You are the same!” After that, she stomped past me angrily.

The female agent surnamed Chen knew that Liusu and I must have heard their quarrel. She frowned deeply, seemingly wanting to say something, but seeing that the emotional Tong Feifei had gone far away, she couldn’t help but look back at the open door. In the end, she hurriedly chased after Tong Feifei without saying anything.

Seeing the backs of the two disappear at the end of the corridor one after another, Liusu and I patted our chests in relief. Liusu rolled her eyes and gave me an irritating look, but I could only smile helplessly… Just now, we seemed to have heard something scandalous. Although I didn’t know what conflicts Tong Feifei and Wu Lefeng had with each other, the relationship between Wu Lefeng and Mu Rui was undoubtedly shocking.

“Lefeng, what you said was too much…”

As soon as I and Liusu were about to walk away, I suddenly heard Mu Rui let out a soft sigh, and say: “Why did we get to where we are today? You and Xiao Fei’s relationship was not like this in the past…”

“You used to treat her as your younger sister. I treated her well because you were close to her. But look at her attitude towards you and the tricks she used. I don’t even know what to say. But no matter what it’s impossible for us and her to go back to the past…”

“That’s because she…”

“That’s enough,” Wu Lefeng interrupted Mu Rui and suddenly said with a teasing tone: “Rui Rui, come here.”

Mu Rui became vigilant: “Why?”

“Just come here first, I will tell you.”

Hearing Wu Lefeng’s teasing voice, our curiosity grew stronger and poured into my legs and Liusu’s legs like lead water. Liusu’s eyes were filled with shy expressions, but my eyes were filled with a lecherous look. When men flirt with women, they all speak in this tone…

“Ah–” As Mu Rui let out a soft shout, Liusu’s fingers suddenly exerted force, almost piercing into my wrist. Even without looking, I knew that Wu Lefeng must have pulled Mu Rui into his arms and kissed her, and it must have been a deep french kiss! That kind of peculiar breathing rhythm when kissing made my heart and Liusu’s hearts beat faster, and our faces flushed.

“Stop it. What if other people see it?” Mu Rui finally broke free from Wu Lefeng’s hug and said. With infinite shyness in her accusatory tone, it was hard to believe that she was reluctant.

“Don’t worry, I have already told the theater manager. There is not even a staff member on this floor.”

“There is no staff, but there are still other people. For example… that man and two women.” When Mu Rui mentioned us, her tone was a bit weird, as if she was still in disbelief about our relationship.

“Avril should have taken them to the VIP room. They are probably watching a movie right now,” As if Wu Lefeng suddenly became interested, he said with a smile: “That Mr. Chu is really the most interesting person I have ever met. He definitely knows that what happened today will probably be in the newspaper or on TV tomorrow, but he still dared to say that he has two girlfriends. I really want to know what he is thinking in his mind. Isn’t he afraid that people around him will have opinions about him regarding his relationship with two women at the same time?”

“Is that the reason why when the organizer wanted to re-select the lucky audience, you refused it? You insisted on inviting him just because you wanted to ask him why he dared to publicly announce that he has two girlfriends? Lefeng, do you envy him?”

“No, but I admire him,” Wu Lefeng chuckled a little heavily, “If I had his courage, I wouldn’t have concealed our relationship for so many years. I cared too much about other people’s opinions. I always say that I don’t care about my achievements today, and I am ready to tell everyone about it, but I still can’t muster the courage to take this step. I am always waiting for someone to give me the last push… Compared with Mr. Chu, I am really a coward.”

“You did not do anything wrong,” Mu Rui comforted Wu Lefeng softly and then said lightly: “In my opinion, he is not brave. Maybe he is just some rich playboy who has many casual relationships with women. How can you compare him with you? I don’t like this kind of man who disrespects women the most!”

Hearing Mu Rui’s evaluation of me, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I didn’t expect that I had left such an impression in her mind. Just when Liusu was gloating, we heard Mu Rui continue to say: “The two women that are with him also have no respect for themselves. The reason why they stay with him is probably because of his wealth. Disrespecting themselves just for money, I also despise them.”

Liusu gritted her teeth in anger after hearing what she said. If I didn’t hold her in time, maybe she would rush in and fight Mu Rui. I secretly smiled bitterly. I didn’t expect Mu Rui to be so black-bellied in private…

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