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?Chapter 2011: No Choice but to Keep Moving Forward

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Chapter 2011: No Choice but to Keep Moving Forward

The group was only able to come this far thanks to the Mu family’s guards and Elder Li.

Although the mercenaries had a lot of experience, they were too weak, and their experience was not useful in this situation. In addition, the further in they went, the stronger the monsters were.

If they retreated by themselves now, they would be killed by powerful monsters. As a result, their only choice was to bite the bullet and keep moving forward.

Ning Shu was even more certain that the Mu family had a secret scheme.

It was almost as if those from the Mu family were protecting the mercenaries for something.

Ning Shu couldn’t help but rub her arms. She felt as if she was attacked by a wave of cold temperature.

“We’re almost at Jade Waters Ice Pond.” There was excitement contained in Miss Mu’s voice, which had been calm up until now.

Everyone quickened their steps. Soon, the scenery in front of them changed and they saw a misty pond.

In the middle of the pond was a single lotus flower with three lotus seed heads.

“Elder Li, there are actually three lotus seed heads this time.” Miss Mu’s voice was a little high-pitched.

A single lotus seed head had nine lotus seeds, so there were actually twenty-seven lotus seeds total. Even a single lotus seed was hard to find, let alone twenty-seven lotus seeds.

Ning Shu had an incredibly hair-raising feeling; there were very dangerous eyes staring at them.

How many powerful monsters were here?

There was no way she would believe that there was not any danger at this ice pond.

Miss Mu took the lead to walk toward the ice pond. She summoned her beast which was a gorgeous and gigantic bird.

The bird looked like a magnified version of a peacock.

She jumped on the bird’s back with a shining refined dagger in her hand. It looked like she planned to fetch lotus seeds from midair.

As soon as Miss Mu flew above the ice pond, the surface of the water suddenly became agitated. Countless green fish with sharp teeth flew out of the water towards Miss Mu.

Miss Mu took her dagger and killed the fish rushing towards her, causing their bodies to fall into the pond. The remaining fish in the pond immediately scrambled to the corpses. The pond water was even dyed red.

“Elder Li,” Miss Mu crouched on the bird’s back and called to Elder Li who was standing by the pond.

Elder Li released his own summoned beast. The big snake swam to the side of the ice pond and spat out the people in his belly. These dead people were mercenaries who had died earlier.

After the big snake spat out the bodies, the strange fish in the ice pond became even more ravenous, like their hunger could never be sated. The densely packed fish surrounded the corpses and rapidly devoured them until there was nothing left but bloody bones.

How brutal.

If even these little fish were so powerful, how powerful would the monsters who were hidden even further in the dark be?

Danger lurked at every corner in this place.

Ning Shu wasn’t sure if she could even run away with her current strength.

The fish that had gnawed on the corpses floundered violently in the ice pond. Not long after, they flipped over with their white bellies facing up and died.

They died just like that?!

Ning Shu was taken aback for a moment, then she looked over at the big snake. Of course, the dead bodies contained snake venom!

Without the disturbance of the strange fish in the ice pond, Miss Mu easily cut off the three lotus flower seed heads with a dagger and put them away.

As soon as Miss Mu harvested the lotus seeds, monsters immediately jumped out.

Among them were a bear and an enormous bloodthirsty spider emperor. The part of the spider emperor that drew the most attention was its huge abdomen. Its belly was full of poisonous spider thread and its four limbs were all covered with dense hairs, making it look exceptionally horrifying.

As soon as the bloodthirsty spider emperor came out, the whole place stunk so bad that it was hard to breathe.

There was also an iron bull.

Ning Shu: Fuck…

How could this be beaten?

Ning Shu backed away silently.

This sort of situation called for a retreat.

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Editor: Taconite

Translator: Kaho

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