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Chapter 2424 - Symbols (2)

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Chapter 2424: Symbols (2)

The Flying Star Academy was on a different mainland from the Netherworld Academy, and it was where the Puppet Emperor resided. And so it was no surprise that the Flying Star Academy was familiar with puppet masters.

“The Netherworld Academy has a puppet master?” The Flying Star Academy teacher was astonished.

It should be pointed out that puppet masters were quite rare. Most wouldn’t enter normal academies or sects as they had their own guilds and most puppet masters would join one of those mysterious groups. Only a small number of puppet masters would be lured to join a major faction where they would hold a very high status.

Puppet masters were very unique and extremely rare to the various factions. He never expected there to be a hidden puppet master inside Ye Qing’s team. And the puppet master also looked very young.

Just as the Flying Star Academy team was pondering over this, Mu Ziying already scanned the situation inside the hole. There were no living creatures inside.

“You guys remain up here. I will go in to take a look first.” Ye Qingtang instructed.

Lu Yuanxiang felt worried.

“Teacher Ye, the scene here looks very similar to when we encountered that monster. If I am not wrong, another monster must have burrowed out of this hole here. I am afraid it is not safe down there.”

Ye Qingtang shook her head. “Ying-er already surveyed the hole and there are no living creatures down there. Those monsters are far too powerful for any one of the teams to handle, and we don’t have any teleportation talismans so it won’t be that easy to escape. We know nothing about the Wailing Well. What we lack the most now are clues.”

The timing of the appearance of these monsters was very strange. Based on what Ye Qingtang knew, these monsters had only emerged over the past couple of days. Not only that, quite a number had appeared over this period as well.

Ye Qingtang had to take a look to see what the hell was going on.

Said like that, Ye Qing’s words sounded very logical and so Lu Yuanxiang didn’t raise any more objections.

Soon after, Ye Qingtang jumped into the hole. Landing on the ground, it was pitch-black everywhere. She lit a black flame which provided some light.

The underground cave was bigger than what Ye Qingtang imagined. She discovered some palm-sized scales on the dirt floor. Those scales had a rough surface and were nearly half a finger-length thick. It looked like the monster had inadvertently shed those scales when it broke through the earth.

Lu Yuanxiang and the others had encountered a monster. They didn’t manage to see the entire monster, but they hadn’t spotted any scales on what they saw. It was clear that this was a different monster.

Meanwhile, the monster encountered by the Maple Night Academy team was another different one. Currently, it looked like there were at least three different types of above-Emperor level monsters.

This did not bode well for them.

Ye Qingtang frowned slightly and continued to survey the area. Suddenly, she realized that the hardness of the ground beneath her feet was not quite right. It was not the softness of dirt but felt quite hard and solid.

Shifting her flame downward, the ground lit up in front of her. She was stunned by what she saw.

Beneath her feet were an array of strange symbols, stretching from where she stood and expanding to the entire cave. Due to the large area, Ye Qingtang could not see the entire pattern. She leaped into the air and unleashed a stream of black flames.

The flames illuminated the entire underground cave. And those strange symbols instantly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

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