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Chapter 3193 - Chapter 267 - Splitting The World

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Chapter 267 – Splitting The World

Black Flame’s name was quite famous in the Miniature Ancient World. After all, not only was he a fourth-floor expert, an existence that was rare even in the Greater World, but he was also the de facto owner of the popular Abyssal Star City.

In addition, he was also the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, the ruling power of the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken, Rain?” Daybreak Mist couldn’t help but ask Moon Rain.

Daybreak Mist had received an invitation to join the Asura Mercenary Alliance from Moon Rain multiple times before. However, she had turned down the offer every time. While the Asura Mercenary Alliance might offer its members a high degree of freedom and priority entry into Abyssal Star City, the mercenary alliance was far too weak when it came to combat capabilities.

It should be known that competition in the current Miniature Ancient World was no less intense than the competition in the Greater God’s Domain. Weak powers might be able to survive and even gain an advantage over other powers during the early periods of the Miniature Ancient World, but this would no longer be true in the long run. In fact, unless these weak powers could gather a sufficient number of experts, they would quickly lose their place and be eliminated from the Miniature Ancient World.

In Daybreak Mist’s opinion, the Asura Mercenary Alliance would be categorized as one of these weak powers.

After all, the Asura Mercenary Alliance only had a handful of fourth-floor experts and not even one titled expert. With so few capable experts under its command, how was it supposed to contest against the various hegemonic powers over resources in the future?

Yet, now, Moon Rain was saying that the cloaked man, who had come out unscathed after receiving Balrog Heart’s combination attack, was actually Zero Wing’s Guild Leader Black Flame. This was a very astonishing revelation, so Daybreak Mist couldn’t help but doubt it.

“It should be. I’ve only ever seen Guild Leader Black Flame using that sword technique,” Moon Rain said, her eyes glowing with excitement.

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The achievement of fighting Balrog Heart, the 21st-ranked player on the God-ranked Expert List, would definitely become an inspiration for all players of their God’s Domain.

It should be known that ever since the myriad worlds’ descent, apart from Kasio, nobody else from their God’s Domain had managed to get onto the God-ranked Expert List. Moreover, because more and more God-ranked experts began to appear afterward, Kasio was quickly squeezed out of the ranking list. This situation caused the various foreign God’s Domains’ players to look down on their God’s Domain’s experts, and they were now regarded as wild monkeys by these foreign players.

However, it was a different story now that Shi Feng had shown himself capable of fighting Balrog Heart to a standstill. Setting aside whether Shi Feng could steal Balrog Heart’s position on the God-ranked Expert List, he should have no problem getting into the top 30. Once this matter became official, the Asura Mercenary Alliance would definitely see a rise in its position in the Miniature Ancient World.

“Black Flame?”

“So, he’s that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?”

“Is he really that Black Flame? Didn’t the rumors say that he had refrained from appearing in Hundred Flow City’s Colosseum because he was too weak? How could he receive no damage from Lord Balrog’s attack?”

The Divine Hunters’ members were all experts among experts. They possessed incredibly powerful senses, so even though Moon Rain was several dozen yards away from them, they still managed to hear her mutterings.

Only, Divine Hunters’ members couldn’t help but doubt their ears when they heard the name Moon Rain uttered.

Balrog Heart’s trademark move was an attack that even ordinary titled experts could not block without taking damage. Experts capable of accomplishing such a feat were all existences standing at the apex of the Miniature Ancient World.

Even if Shi Feng managed to get his hands on a portion of the Greater God’s Domain’s Legacies, there was no way he should be able to accomplish such a feat.

“Interesting. So you’re Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?” A hint of fighting spirit appeared in Balrog Heart’s eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. “No wonder you dare to spout such nonsense in front of me. However, if you think that you can protect them just because you can block my Lava Explosion, I’ll have you know that you are sorely mistaken!”

After saying so, Balrog Heart raised his crimson staff and began rapidly chanting a series of incantations.

Immediately, the mana within a 1,000-yard radius began swarming toward Balrog Heart, the gathered mana creating a storm that covered a 1,000-yard radius. The degree of control Balrog Heart had exerted over the surrounding mana was so great that seeing it made even a fourth-floor expert like Daybreak Mist feel ashamed of herself.


This was the only description Daybreak Mist could come up with to describe what was taking place before her.

The influx of mana had not only increased Balrog Heart’s mana to the Tier 4 standard, but it had also allowed Balrog Heart to create four two-fold magic arrays simultaneously.

Two-fold Tier 3 Curse, Breath of Madness!

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Two-fold Tier 3 Curse, Flame Domain!

Two-fold Tier 3 Curse, Scorched Blessing!

Two-fold Tier 3 Curse, Flame God’s Spear!

Every one of these Tier 3 Curses originally possessed power and effects rivaling Tier 4 Spells already. Their complexity was also incredibly high. Although the two-fold version of these Tier 3 Curses could exhibit power beyond ordinary Tier 4 Spells, their complexity also went beyond ordinary Tier 4 Spells.

Yet, Balrog Heart had successfully cast the two-fold versions of all four of these Tier 3 Curses simultaneously via quadruple speed-casting. The strength he currently displayed was significantly stronger than what he had shown during his Colosseum fight in Crying Sea City.

In fact, Daybreak Mist couldn’t help but suspect that if Balrog Heart had executed this high-level quadruple speed-casting during his Colosseum fight, he wouldn’t have even needed twenty moves to finish the fight.

Of the four Curses Balrog Heart cast, Breath of Madness was a Confinement Spell that could be used to lock down a space. Meanwhile, enemies trapped within this space would have their mobility and reaction speed reduced. Their control over mana would also be reduced by over 50%. While trapped within Breath of Madness, players would find it extremely difficult to use Skills, Spells, combat techniques, and Mana Techniques.

As for the three other Curses, Flame Domain increased the power of the user’s fire-type Spells by 100% and weakened the effects of other attributed Spells by 50%, Scorched Blessing increased the user’s Basic Attributes by 80% and control over the fire element by 30%, and Flame God’s Spear was a large-scale Destruction Spell capable of breaking a town’s defensive magic array in one hit.

These four Tier 3 Curses synergized with each other incredibly well. With this move, Balrog Heart could annihilate even fourth-floor experts with the flip of a hand.

Subsequently, a flame spear measuring a thousand meters in length suddenly descended from the sky, the aura of power the spear radiated instilling a sense of despair into everyone present. After being enhanced by three Tier 3 Curses, Balrog Heart’s Flame God’s Spear could destroy not only a town’s magic array but also the town itself…

“Try blocking this move!” Balrog Heart said, laughing.

However, before Balrog Heart could say anything more, Shi Feng suddenly swung the Winter of Eternal Night.

First Sword, Lightshadow!

Suddenly, time on the battlefield seemingly froze as everything and everyone stopped moving. Even the descending Flame God’s Spear was no exception. Then, under everyone’s gaze, the sky, the ocean, and the thousand-meter spear all split in half.

However, before everyone could even start to feel surprised, the bisected flame spear fell into the ocean and created two huge holes that were several kilometers deep. At the same time, the Advanced Ships that were in the flame spear halves’ way, the players on board these Advanced Ships, and Balrog Heart vanished without a trace…

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