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Chapter 446 - Defeating Meng Jinhai

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Feng Yun channeled his spirit Qi into his sword and thrust it towards the incoming thunder.

A sword light came out from the tip of his sword smashed into the thunder. The terrifying thunder was destroyed by a simple attack of Feng Yun.

But it was not the end, Meng Jinhai blasted thunder at Feng Yun again and again as they were repeatedly were being defended by Feng Yun.

The more they fought, the more intense the battle became. They fought from the ground to the air and then fell back to the ground. The strong purple lightning and golden light forced the people around them to retreat far away.

"Are you out of skills? This Thunder Lightning Power is giving me an itch." Feng Yun said. After blocking Meng Jinhai's Thunder Lightning Power for a while, Feng Yun felt that it was meaningless. He simply didn't move his hand and let the lightning strike his body.

The surrounding people were all shocked.

They had once again witnessed Feng Yun's powerful body. It was much more terrifying than they had imagined.

Meng Jinhai's face was completely black. His lightning attack was the strongest of all existences at the same level. He had a high chance of winning even if he were to fight someone with a higher level of physical strength. However, he had a feeling that there was no place for him to unleash his strength when facing such a monstrous physical body.

"Since that's the case, I'll let you have a taste of the true lightning heavenly might!" Meng Jinhai didn't want to continue playing like this. He wanted to finish off Feng Yun in one move. If this move couldn't handle Feng Yun, he could only admit defeat."

Meng Jinhai received the heavenly might once again, but this time, the lightning he gathered was even more terrifying than before.

The sky was filled with black lightning that flickered continuously. These lightnings were thicker and stronger than before, and their power was even more terrifying and explosive.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sound of thunder and lightning flashed through the air. It was like the sound of the apocalypse.

Dozens of thunder and lightning struck down at Meng Jinhai at the same time.

The Thunder Lightning Power was enough to smash several mountains into powder, but Meng Jinhai took it head-on. He had turned into a Thunder God. Every muscle of his had turned into purple lightning. His purple hair was fluttering in the wind. The purple halberd in his hand was circulating a powerful lightning force, ready to strike at the next moment.

A look of pain appeared on Meng Jinhai's face. Clearly, he felt extremely uncomfortable when he was concentrating these Lightning Powers on his body.

After gathering his strength, Meng Jinhai slowly pointed the purple halberd in Feng Yun's direction.

"Feng Yun, I was saving this for finals. Hope you won't die." Meng Jinhai was using a forbidden technique now. After this technique, he would be in a weakened state. However, in order to defeat Feng Yun, he would not hesitate to do so.

Thunder Sun Extinguishes the World!

Meng Jinhai gently pushed out his purple halberd, and a powerful lightning force burst out.

The terrifying lightning energy was like a purple sun that enveloped everything within a radius of dozens of meters. The round purple sun pressed down on Feng Yun's carriage at an incredible speed. The surrounding air was electrocuted by the purple lightning.

The lightning seemed to be able to destroy the sky and earth, causing everyone to retreat at a rapid pace. Their eyes were filled with indescribable shock.

Meng Jinhai's strike had far exceeded their imagination. Even a full powered strike from a Mid-Heaven Profound Realm was nothing more than this. 

In the crowd's hearts, they felt that Feng Yun was going to be smashed into pieces!

The other four geniuses also felt fear in their heart seeing such a powerful attack, none of them was confident that they could defend against this thunder sun completely unscathed.

"The power of thunder is too strong, not I'm kinda worried about Feng Yun." Zhu Rong looked at the thundering sun in fear and said.

"Don't worry, he will be alright!" Yao Shi said.

"Looks like we underestimate Meng Jinhai very much." Ding Shun speaks out.

"Well, Meng Jinhai is unfortunate to meet Feng Yun today. Feng Yun forced him to use the trump card that he was saving for the final. He is using a forbidden technique, I don't think he can resume his matches even after winning this match." Mu Wenqian muttered slowly.

"I think, Feng Yun will win." Yao Shi muttered slowly.

"Hm! Why do say that?" Zhu Rong and others looked at him questioningly.

"Just feeling!" Yao Shi replied with a mysterious smile.

Feng Yun also realized the scariness of this attack. He was afraid that even a Mid-Heaven Profound  Realm would not be able to withstand it, even though it wouldn't be a problem for him to block it with all his strength. However, he knew that this was Meng Jinhai's final trump card. So, he didn't have to let it go.

"Let's end this match here!" Feng Yun kept retreating. At the same time, the spiritual energy in his body rapidly expanded, channeling into the sword.

He raised a sword, and all the power was channeled in the Heaven Slayer Sword. The thin spiritual energy in the surroundings was also attracted over.

Right before terrifying thunder arrived at Feng Yun, he strongly swing his sword at the lightning sun and shouted, "Nine Heaven Sword Art, Sixth Form!"


His sword also released terrifying energy. The crimson blade light collided with thunder like a hot knife through butter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The enormous lightning sun in the sky instantly swallowed the crimson red blade light as if it was covering the sky.

Just when everyone thought that the red blade light would be completely crushed by the lightning sun, the lightning sun exploded ahead of time. At the same time, a red-colored ray of blade light shot through the center of the lightning field towards Meng Jinhai.

"What? It actually broke my lightning!" Meng Jinhai exclaimed. Without thinking, he immediately placed the golden shield in front of his chest to block the red-colored blade light.


The crimson red-colored blade light landed on the layers of defensive light of the golden shield, making a powerful impact sound.

Meng Jinhai had used a forbidden technique just now, his body was much weaker than before. Although he had the golden shield to block it now, he was still sent flying by the powerful blade light. The golden shield was even thrown out of his hand. A stream of blood sprayed out a beautiful parabola in the air, and finally, he fell heavily onto the ground.

At this time, the lightning sun that was not far away also began to dissipate. The sky regained its clarity.

Meng Jinhai did not die. That golden shield was indeed a rank half Step Divine Artifact. It had blocked most of Feng Yun's fatal attack.. But the powerful shockwave created by the energy explosion caused a great deal of damage to his body.

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