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Chapter 671: Legend Destruction (5)

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Chapter 671: Legend Destruction (5)

[The headquarters of the demonic society <Niflheim> have entered.]

[You are currently surrounded by the <Mist of Illusion> surrounding <Niflheim>.]

[Your entrance is not allowed. Step back.]

[This space confuses beings. The deeper you head inside of the mist, the greater your chances of becoming lost. It is advised you enter again after receiving permission.]

Yeon-woo had followed Agares into a foggy place. The mist confused all his senses, from sight to touch. It seemed to affect his mind as well. Most gods and demons likely wouldn’t be able to keep their bearings if they wound up in this fog. 

[You maintain reason with the trait ‘Cold-blooded.’]

[You have been released from the stunned state. You have gained resistance to the confusion.]

[Godly Perceptions are activating.]

[All dispersed senses are being focused into one. Your confused senses are being readjusted.]

[Eye of the Heavens shows a path.]

[Ear of the Heavens reflects a path.]

With consecutive messages, Yeon-woo regained his steadiness. The world around him became still again, and the fog disappeared. 

“Even though I’m more familiar with this place than you are, that feeling is quite unpleasant, but I didn’t know you’d overcome it so soon.” Agares studied Yeon-woo with interest. 

Niflheim was a society so familiar with fog that their name meant “world of mist.” They also had a long history. It was rumored that they had started to exist around when the universe was created. Because of this, Niflheim had a lot more pride than any other society. They continued to maintain their forces while countless other societies came and went, and they were well-known among many other transcendents. However, that pride had led them to a thorough exclusiveness. 

They believed they were the most powerful, most united, and had a more advanced culture than any other society, so they didn’t need communication with the outside. It was why Niflheim surrounded themselves with a mist that was thicker than walls and refused anyone’s visits. They only dissipated the mist when visitors they were close with came to visit. However, even that required a hefty process and a long time, so there were very few visitors. 

‘In the Tower, they seemed to frequently communicate with the outside world… Did they change after being trapped in the heavenly world?’ Yeon-woo only remembered Niflheim’s goodwill toward him, so he thought their exclusiveness seemed strange. However, now that he was facing the mist himself, he slightly understood their history. The mist was filled with thoughts of “deny him,” “push him away,” and “confuse him.” The deeper he went, the clearer thoughts like “curse him” and “kill him” became. However, even Niflheim’s barriers weren’t able to sweep away the Eye and Ear of the Heavens.

Agares already knew how to release the mist and get through it, so he couldn’t help but be interested in Yeon-woo, who easily got through it. 

There was another being who was amused by Yeon-woo.『Ohoho! I wondered what idiots were being foolish again, but two good-looking guys came! I’m so excited that I’m going crazy.』

Ssss! As a voice came from above, the mist slowly scattered to reveal someone walking out. With the sound of their high heels clicking on the ground, an elegant and beautiful woman could be seen.

‘Mother…?’ Yeon-woo looked at the woman blankly. She didn’t resemble his mother at all, but her aura was so similar. Then, Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes. ‘No, Edora? No. Sesha might look like that when she’s grown up… What is this?’

The faces of multiple people flashed over the smiling woman’s face. Yeon-woo wanted to feel familiar and at ease with her because of those faces, but he actually felt wary and threatened by the unnatural occurrence. 

[You maintain your reason with the trait ‘Cold-blooded.’]

[Eye of the Heavens opens your eyes.]

[Ear of the Heavens opens your ears.]

[The hidden true face of the creature is revealed!]

Yeon-woo’s mind was cleared, and he could only see the woman’s face now. 

The woman smirked. “Although you got through the mist with your good eyesight, I didn’t think you’d see through these illusions. Even Odin’s impudent crows barely caught on. I like you.”

The woman slowly approached and stroked Yeon-woo’s throat. It was an action that would’ve had most men’s hearts thumping, but Yeon-woo unpleasantly flung her hand away. However, the woman seemed to like Yeon-woo’s attitude even more. She licked her lips. “And you’re playing hard to get? Smart, yet cold. I really like you. Really.”

Yeon-woo didn’t even want to deal with the woman, so he glared at Agares. He wanted Agares to do something, while starting to realize who the woman was. The woman was now looking at Yeon-woo seductively. 

“It’s disgusting, so put that away, Loki.” Agares also glared at the woman, the leader of Niflheim, Loki. The “father” of Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel who represented Niflheim was the woman. 

Yeon-woo knew there was something about Loki changing his gender and teasing people among his well-known legends. ‘But it’s annoying to see it up close.’ He didn’t have any reason to be acquainted with Loki if he had such a bizarre hobby. 

『Huhu! I don’t know what this gender thing is…but you seemed like one of those guys when I saw you.』

Yeon-woo ignored the Crawling Chaos. 

But after Agares’ warning, Loki no longer loitered around Yeon-woo and stepped back. Yeon-woo was about to feel grateful toward Agares… 

“I took him first. Don’t even think about touching what’s mine.”


“Oh my! What should we do? I enjoy stealing beings from their masters.”

“Do you want to die?”

“Oh! Isn’t this fun? A passionate fight for the love of one man? I’ve always wanted to do something like this!”

“…” Looking at the murderous Agares and cheering Loki, Yeon-woo slowly took a step back. 

『Heehee. Everything’s crazy.』The Crawling Chaos continued to snicker in amusement, while Yeon-woo seriously considered whether or not he had walked into a lair of devils. 

* * *

“It’s our rule to never accept unallowed visits…but since two good-looking guys like you came, I pushed for it.”

Click clack. As Loki walked forward, the mist surrounding Niflheim shifted away to slowly reveal a beautiful sight. Under the blue sky, there was a floating island surrounded by a vast ocean. Each section had scenes from the four seasons, beautiful and heartwarming. A place demons lived was usually called a lair, but this place was different from what Yeon-woo imagined. It actually had a beauty that could melt anyone’s heart, but the scenery all seemed unnatural to Yeon-woo.

The occasional beasts chewed grass or soared through the skies with demonic energy trailing behind them. L’Infernal’s demons took human forms, but it seemed Niflheim’s demons took beastly forms. 

Loki gave various explanations about Niflheim, but Yeon-woo didn’t even pretend to be listening. He just focused on observing Niflheim, and the demons of Niflheim were searchingly gazing at Yeon-woo, the first visitor in ages. 

“Hm! You’re too cold. If you keep ignoring me like that, I want to…!” Loki glared at Yeon-woo, but he was cut off mid-sentence. 

Far away on the horizon, a massive wolf came running. It was Fenrir, shaking the ground with every step he took. He walked past Loki and stopped in front of Yeon-woo. Then, he began to sniff him. 

“You’re paying attention to someone else when your dad, I mean, your mom, is right in front of you? Goodness.” Loki grumbled as Fenrir didn’t pay him any attention, but he looked between Yeon-woo and Fenrir with interest. It was the first time his wariest child was showing curiosity toward someone else, so it was a sight to see.

‘Considering how Fenrir has the most special “senses” out of the demons of Niflheim, no, in the entire universe… Is there something special about this person?’ Thinking Agares had brought no ordinary visitor, Loki narrowed his eyes. He was amused by the fact that the arrogant Agares was looking after someone like this, so his interest only grew. What fascinated him more was that most gods and demons were scared of Fenrir by his outer appearance, but Yeon-woo was at ease with him. 

Then, Fenrir suddenly opened his jaws and bit the back of Yeon-woo’s neck. 

Agares, who had been looking on with dissatisfaction, released his demonic energy with a twitch of his eyebrows. He thought Fenrir was attacking Yeon-woo, but Yeon-woo held a hand up to stop him. 

Fenrir had put Yeon-woo on his back. Yeon-woo knew what Fenrir was trying to do even though he didn’t tell him. “You have someplace to take me?”

Grrr, woof! Fenrir laughed at Yeon-woo’s question and nodded. 

“Okay. I don’t know where you’re taking me, but let’s go.” Yeon-woo stroked Fenrir’s neck. Fenrir joyfully wagged his tail and suddenly began to run in the opposite direction of where he had come from. 

Loki, having lost Yeon-woo from right under his nose, widened his eyes, and Agares clenched his fists tightly. His face was already red. “That son of a bitch!”

Uncaring, Fenrir continued to run with Yeon-woo on his back. From spring to winter, desert to glaciers, scenes of various sections flashed by Yeon-woo’s eyes. He soon arrived at the end of a high precipice. 

Woof! Woof woof! Oooooo! Fenrir barked and even howled. He seemed to be searching for something. 

Yeon-woo could see broad plains spread beneath the cliff. However, that wasn’t what captured his attention. 

『Ah! The successor of the great king…has arrived as the prophecies stated!』In the middle of the plains, Hel was praying on an altar in between two blazing torches. 

[Osiris manifests!]

[Nergal manifests!]

[The King of Seven Hells manifests!]

[Ksitigarbha manifests!]

[Aesma-daeva manifests!]

Countless gods and demons of death manifested in front of the altar. They kneeled on one knee and bowed. It was a pledge of loyalty and greeting for the king who would lead them. Yeon-woo’s eyes widened at the unexpected sight.

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