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Chapter 624 - Shapeshifting Mecha

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624 – Shapeshifting Mecha

Lan Xuanyu heaved a sigh of relief when he returned to his dorm. He really didn’t intend to cheat a warship from the Tang Sect. It was too big, he couldn’t do it! He just wanted to exchange some Tang Sect secret arts and cultivate with his teammates.

In the end, Elder Shu and Pavilion Master Wang teamed up and really tricked the warship. He actually couldn’t bear it. After all, the Tang Sect had a very good relationship with the academy and he had learned Tang Sect’s secret arts. Furthermore, Deng Bo had risked his life to save them at the crucial moment and they had kidnapped him.

Lan Xuanyu only felt that his heart was in a mess, but since things had come to this, he decided to leave it at that. Pavilion Master Wang was right, it was more important to work hard and cultivate to become stronger.

En, I’ll go back and sell some stuff first. Those implants in the warship should be able to sell for quite a bit of money, right? I’ll just exchange them for emblems. The emblems exchanged for these implants should be enough to buy a mecha for myself and my team, right?

It should be about this amount.

Right at this moment, a soul communication call came in. Lan Xuanyu raised his hand and saw that it was his teacher Tang Zhenhua.

“Teacher.” Lan Xuanyu quickly answered the call.

“Bring the warship to the Interstellar Center for me to study.” Tang Zhenhua’s calm voice came from the other side.

“Alright, I’ll be right there.” Lan Xuanyu got up hurriedly and went straight to the center.

Tang Zhenhua was already waiting for him at the Interstellar Center.

Seeing Lan Xuanyu, a complicated look flashed across Tang Zhenhua’s eyes and he said in a low voice, “Don’t be complacent, and don’t become arrogant, understand?”

Lan Xuanyu scratched his head and said, “Teacher, I actually feel a little embarrassed. Isn’t it too much to take a Tang Sect warship?”

Tang Zhenhua rolled his eyes and said, “Are you pretending to be obedient after getting a good deal?”

“No, no. Teacher really I don’t.”

“Alright, let’s end this topic here. Don’t tell anyone else either. Give me the warship. Oh, right, remember not to tell anyone about the fact that you’re the successor of the Life School. This is very important. Ying Luohong has already instructed the others,” Tang Zhenhua said sternly.

“Oh oh. Alright.”

The Interstellar Center was very big. When Lan Xuanyu released the warship in the spacious warehouse, Tang Zhenhua’s eyes lit up and he eagerly boarded the warship.


“What nonsense is this?” Tang Zhenhua roared.

“Implants, teacher, those are my implants.”

Ten minutes later, Tang Zhenhua looked at the mountain of implants in front of him and was at a loss for words.

Lan Xuanyu had relied on the size of the Ring of Fate to rob a large store!

“Teacher, is there a meaning to these implants? Are they valuable?” Lan Xuanyu probed.

Tang Zhenhua glared at him and said, “In terms of implants, Heaven Planet’s research is second to none. The quality of these implants is quite good. I took a look and saw quite a number of soul arrays. They have research value. Didn’t you cheat a warship of theirs? I’ll send some of these to the Tang Sect later. I’ll handle the rest for you. You want to exchange them for emblems ?”

Lan Xuanyu quickly nodded his head and said, “I plan to use the money from the sale of this batch of equipment to get a mecha for all of us. We already have the materials for Battle Armors, but a Duo Mecha Master still need a mecha. Everyone is starting to learn how to operate mechas now. Didn’t you say that after the fourth year, we will be going on dangerous missions ? If we have a mecha as soon as possible and practice properly, wouldn’t it be safer?”

Tang Zhenhua nodded slightly. “That is necessary. The value of these implants should be enough. Each of you should be able to get a purple mecha. With your current strength, a purple mecha is enough. However, I have already given some thoughts for your mechas and you cannot simply use ordinary ones. In order to increase your survivability, I specially designed one for you guys. Tang Yuge’s mecha must be changed too.”

“Ah?” Lan Xuanyu’s interest was piqued. “What kind of mecha did you design for us?”

Tang Zhenhua smiled. “Follow me.”

Lan Xuanyu followed Tang Zhenhua to a room with a huge screen and control panel.

Lan Xuanyu recognized that this was a design room. Soul masters designed Battle Armors in this sort of design room, but Tang Zhenhua’s design room was obviously very advanced.

The greatest benefit of such room was that they could modify the things they designed and simulate the energy circulation to test if they were suitable.

Tang Zhenhua performed a few simple operations and a mecha model appeared on the big screen. The mecha looked somewhat slender and wasn’t particularly majestic.

Lan Xuanyu looked at the data. It was six meters tall and 2.4 meters wide. As it was just a model, there wasn’t any makeup on it. The entire body had a streamlined design but there weren’t any extravagant decorations. It didn’t seem to be too different from a standard Federation mecha.

Tang Zhenhua saw the doubt in Lan Xuanyu’s eyes and smiled. “Watch.” As he spoke, he pressed a button at the side.

Immediately, the mecha model in the image began to change. The pauldrons on both sides flipped and unfolded, and the entire mecha crawled down from its original standing position. The back of the mecha cracked open, and a cone-shaped body flipped up. Following that, the entire mecha underwent a series of complicated changes. Under Lan Xuanyu’s shocked gaze, it actually transformed into a space fighter, and it looked like it was only one size smaller than the one he usually piloted. It looked almost identical.

“This is…” Lan Xuanyu stared blankly. At this moment, he felt as though his heart had been pierced through and his heart was beating rapidly.

“A shapeshifting mecha,” Tang Zhenhua said proudly.

“Concerning shapeshifting mechas, the Federation and the Tang Sect have already done some research. In the future, everyone believes that shapeshifting mechas that can adapt to different environments will become mainstream. But there are many problems with shapeshifting mechas as well. The design is complicated, and different forms have different functions and have to be compatible. So shapeshifting mechas usually can’t have any major transformations, but ours is an exception. I’ve divided it into human and space fighter form. Actually, I’ve been designing one for many years, and I’ve finally perfected it recently. With it, you can fight in space, and you can also fight on the surface of the planet. You can use the human form to perform your Duo Mecha Style, but you can also use the fighter form to fly at high speed, leave the battlefield, or launch a surprise attack at high altitudes. This is the perfect mecha in my heart and is the most suitable space fighter pilots.”

Lan Xuanyu’s face turned slightly red. “Awesome, Teacher, this is awesome! All seven of us get to use this type of mecha? This is awesome, awesome!”

Tang Zhenhua said, “It’s not just the seven of you. In my heart, the entire Star Wars Experimental Class needs to use this type of mecha. And I actually have a more daring design. But it’s too difficult to complete this design.”

Lan Xuanyu asked curiously, “What design?”

Tang Zhenhua’s eyes lit up as he said, “If there comes a day when I can design a warship that can combine dozens of fighters at the same time, that would truly be amazing. But this difficulty is a little too great. The system involved is too complicated. The size of a warship made up of dozens of fighters isn’t enough to accommodate all the functions I want, especially heavy weapons.”

Lan Xuanyu looked at him in surprise, as though he was getting to know this teacher for the first time. It turned out that this person was not only proficient in space battles, but also a scientist!

“What are you looking at me for? It is difficult for me to complete this idea, but it is not impossible to adapt it and create enough space to accommodate space fighters. You guys will have one each and with a warship the size of the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship, it will have a similar effect, just not that perfect.”

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