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~: End of this testimonial

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When I typed the three words (end of the book), I was very melancholy.

First of all, thank my editor Weiwei, who has been sparing no effort to give me guidance on the mud that can\'t support the wall.

Secondly, I am especially grateful to a book friend, the big brother Fat Elephant from the starting point.

This old man has two numbers, one dozen tickets, one twenty tickets, more than 40 tickets a day, and monthly tickets have always supported me. I am very touched!

In addition, many book friends, although they collapsed later, have been subscribed to vote, I feel a little bit ashamed.

I feel that I did not write well, and I feel ashamed of everyone spending money, so I should finish the book earlier.

I wrote this book later, and I knew it from the moment the ability appeared.

There are still more than six hundred in total now, so how am I ashamed to say that the high order is almost two thousand.

This book will continue to run for a month, and it will be able to mix 1,500 full attendance, but I don\'t think it is necessary.

I opened a new book before and wanted to make up for the regrets of this book, but it was intermittent, but now I finally made up my mind to write it.

It is the creation of the world. The starting point should not be received at present. It will be about to wait before and after it is on the shelves. The title of the book (Shenhao starts from the price depreciation 10,000 times) is the name that another editor helped me.

In fact, I am a newcomer to the author. I have poor writing skills. I am also a little bit forced to count what I write. It is uncomfortable to be sprayed, but many people are okay.

Write it again, only daily, avoiding most of the powerful poison spots that this book has been sprayed, so it is estimated that it will be five or six hundred thousand words.

There is also a new book written in the harem of women, which should be published as the third one. Currently, the manuscript is being saved and the outline is being constructed. It is about to save more than 100,000 words.

I hope that these two books will be used as masterpieces to gradually improve the writing style. So please forgive me for the shortcomings.

The last part of the plot is actually practiced for the female master. Although I write the harem text, I want to have a deep love story with every female protagonist.

Thank you brothers and sisters who support. Without support, there is no motivation. This is really not a casual talk.

People like me on the street, after all, pay attention to the writer\'s assistant on one side, and when they see the prompt, they will immediately check whether it is a comment, a vote, or a reward.

Sometimes no one voted for a few hours, that kind of mood

Forget it, don\'t sell badly.

Bow again and thank you!

I hope the new book will make it easier for everyone to read, thank you for your support!

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Tip: You can use arrow left, arrow right, A and D keyboard keys to browse between chapters.