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Chapter 2424: Questioning (2)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Cey, Skyrise


Su Luo felt exasperated. She had clearly acted in reasonable self-defense without devious reasons. Yet the result now was that the blame was being placed on her again?

Li Manman continued to say to Su Luo: “The rumors outside are very unfavorable to you now, and there are organized groups that intend to drive you out of the Upstream Mountain. What's more, back then when you entered, it was Senior Brother Luo that brought you in. Now that Senior Brother Luo is not here, you will suffer a lot without any powerful person to speak out for you. The most important thing is that back then when you came in, you didn’t go through the assessment."

In other words, up until now, Su Luo was still a supernumerary character. If someone wanted to kick her out, it was but a matter of minutes, truly too easy.

Just at this time, Su Luo frowned slightly because she heard a mess of footsteps.

"Boom—" The gate was opened by force!

A squad of twenty people rushed in like wolves and surrounded Su Luo.

Looking at these guards in uniforms, Li Manman was on alert in an instant and stood in front of Su Luo, yelling: "Who are you people? What do you want to do?!"

The guard captain pushed Li Manman to the side with one hand. On his angular face, his cold eyes were like two sharp swords, viciously stabbing at Su Luo: "Su Luo, right? Come with us."

Su Luo had a bad feeling. However, since the matter had come to this point, even if it was a sea of â??â??flames, she had to barge through it.

"Who wants to see me?" Su Luo's voice was calm.

The guard captain glanced at Su Luo with an indifferent expression: "The Elder Association. Cut the nonsense. Let’s go!"

After saying that, the guard captain signaled with his eyes to the left and right. Two people in the team sprung out, going straight to the left and right of Su Luo.

Su Luo's two icy eyes swept over them. Those two people were terrified and subconsciously did not step forward.

"Don't bother, I can walk by myself." Su Luo had no idea whether she would meet a blessing or a curse this time. If it was a curse then she couldn’t avoid it, she had to make a trip. Anyway, she was open, honest, and had not done anything wrong, so who was afraid of whom?

"Let's go." Su Luo looked normal, calm but terrifying. She instead took the lead to walk outside.

The guard leader was on the other hand deceived by Su Luo's straightforward behavior. A glimmer of appreciation flashed in his eyes.

"Luo Luo!" Li Manman grabbed Su Luo's sleeves, looking nervous and perturbed, "Absolutely don't force yourself to act strong, if all else fails, use your identity…"

Li Manman personally had confirmed that Su Luo's diamond token was real, which meant that Su Luo was indeed sent in by the City Lord.

"Don't worry, it's just a trivial matter. You all should practice hard at home, and wait for me to come back to take you out to surprise people with your skills." Su Luo smiled and patted her hand before turning around and leaving.

Su Luo knew that this time things would not be that simple. Why would matters that had already subsided make waves again? There was no need to guess, there must be someone stirring up trouble behind the scenes. As for who that person behind was… Su Luo thought that anyone unable to guess who this person was was the fool here.

There was a route from Senior Brother Luo’s manor to the Elders’ Hall that would not take particularly long or extend far. However, because she had the golden airship, it took less than four hours to fly to the destination.

The golden airship landed steadily on the road.

The guard captain gazed at the girl who looked calm and had her eyes closed during the whole journey. A dash of admiration flashed through his eyes. When he passed by her, he whispered: "Fifth Elder.”