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Chapter 706 - Spare Their Lives

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Chapter 706: Spare Their Lives

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Later on, Great Consort Mei was obsessed with using all kinds of flowers to make herself more fragrant and beautiful. However, she complained that the flowers did not grow well.

When she learned that the previous dynasty used bone powder to make fertilizer for flowers, she used it too.

By now, it had been about six or seven years.

In the beginning, she got the eunuchs that she was close with to look for bone powder. However, it was difficult to find that, so they had plotted against the palace maids.

There were also many palace maids present.

Now that they heard these words, they hated Great Consort Mei to death.

As palace maids, they could leave the palace at the age of 25, but if they could not leave the palace, they would become stewards or babysitters.

If there was an accident, they would indeed die in the palace. In order to have someone to pray for them after death or for the sake of their next life, they would ask the eunuchs for help. They would make arrangements and find a better place to bury them…

Who would have thought that someone would not even spare a corpse!

The Empress was furious. Now that the evidence was conclusive, she immediately asked someone to inform the Emperor of this matter.

This Great Consort Mei was like an old demon. She was truly disgusting. It was impossible to keep her in the palace any longer. Even if such a person was sent to a temple, it would be an insult to the religion. This person had to be sentenced to death!

The Empress’ heart was filled with discomfort. She and Imperial Concubine Meng both felt like they had lost their appetite.

At this moment, a palace maid came and said, “Your Majesty, a few ladies want to see you.”

“What’s the matter?” The Empress was not interested at all.

She did not even want to leave the main palace. As soon as she went out, she would see the flowers around…

“It seems that it’s about the gardeners. They’re making a lot of noise in the front. Many ladies said that Young Lady Xie wants to punish the gardeners with a cane. They said it’s too much,” the palace maid answered honestly.

“I was the one who gave the punishment. What does it have to do with Young Lady Xie?!” The Empress was furious.

They were looking for trouble, right?!

Zhao Xuanjing thought for a moment and said, “Mother, it was Young Lady Xie who found out that there was something wrong with the soil. That’s how she found out about this case. Before this, Young Lady Xie’s sister was almost bitten by a poisonous bug in the flower.”

The Empress understood when she heard that.

Those noble girls probably thought that Young Lady Xie had asked the Crown Prince to punish the gardeners heavily in order to avenge her sister.

The Empress sighed and looked at Imperial Concubine Meng. “Imperial Concubine, do you want to go with me to take a look? There are many young ladies in the front. We would feel better if we looked at them.”

“That’s true.” Imperial Concubine Meng rinsed her mouth. Now that the things had been removed, she felt a little better.

At this moment, Dong Xiyun and the others were extremely arrogant.

Not long after, they heard someone announce that the Empress and Imperial Concubine Meng had come. After bowing, several young ladies knelt down together.

“Your Majesty, we… dare to plead for the two gardeners. I hope that you will be magnanimous and spare their lives,” Dong Xiyun said.

Imperial Concubine Meng looked at her future daughter-in-law and felt a stifling feeling in her chest.

She wanted to throw up.

“Those two have been sentenced to death. Their bodies should be cold by now. All of you, get up.” The Empress was listless.

When Young Lady Dong and the others heard that, they were shocked.

“Your Majesty?! It was just a slight oversight. How could they be killed? I-Isn’t Young Lady Xie making a big deal out of nothing?” Dong Xiyun was in disbelief. Her eyes were red. “The gardeners are humans after all…”

“How dare you!” Imperial Concubine Meng slammed the table.

Dong Xiyun quivered.

“What do you know? The gardeners committed a heinous crime. They actually used human bones to fertilize the plants. It’s all thanks to Young Lady Xie’s recognition! With this crime, it’s not enough even if they’re killed ten times!” Imperial Concubine Meng was upset, “Even if it didn’t happen, you shouldn’t be involved in this matter. If you have so much free time, why don’t you go back and embroider more flowers to cultivate your character?!”

She was furious. Did they think that she could not tell this young lady despised Xie Qiao?

She just thought this young lady was aggressive, so there was no need to argue with her!

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