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CH 21

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Although the cultivators attacked fiercely, those Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies were not easy to push around. Now, the butterflies were not just sticking to the stone walls on the top of the cave while being slaughtered. Rather they fell down one after another, fluttered and circled around the cultivators.

Compared with these cultivators, Xu Ziqing can really be said to have "no power to \'flick butterflies\' in his hands". So he had to stand under the smoke and try his best to watch the battle, in order to learn some superficial knowledge so that he can figure it out when he cultivate in the future. It was decided like this. When he watched this man-butterfly battle again, he could concentrate his attention , and the fear from before instantly disappeared.

Suddenly, he heard a miserable howl "ah" , and he couldn\'t help frowning.

It turns out that this Seven-Colors Illusion Butterfly is not ordinary at all, it has two fangs in its mouth. If anyone accidentally gets caught by it, a piece of meat will be bitten off!

Xu Ziqing followed the call, and saw a young man in yellow shirt who was bitten by an ash-gray butterfly on his arm. His face was twitching, which showed that he was in great pain.

The young man stretched out his hand and tore off the ash-gray butterfly. But it\'s a pity that after being bitten his hand was badly mangled. Dark blood came out of the wound, and the entire arm was enveloped in a black light. It seemed that the poisonous blood was flowing in the arteries and veins and was about to invade the heart! At that time he will be difficult to save. 

However, in this situation, the yellow-shirted boy was unable to draw out his hand to heal his injuries. It was also difficult for others to support him, not to mention lending a one or two helping hands. Seeing that he was in an extremely dangerous situation, Xu Ziqing didn\'t have time to think about it. He tried his best to attach the little spiritual power he had to his body, and immediately rushed out and pulled the boy down to the aura of smoking pipe! 

Xu Ziqing is not a reckless and arrogant person. It was because he knew this young man that he couldn\'t let him die. He still remember that when he first entered the secret realm, he encountered a demonic snake and almost died. It was this young man who saved his life unintentionally.Xu Ziqing received his favor and should repay it.

The young man in the yellow shirt was stiffened and cold all over his body because of the poisonous blood. He thought that everything points to disaster, and he didn\'t want to held back others, so he stumbled to a fairly safe place. When he looked up, he saw a little boy with an unfamiliar appearance who seemed to be a few years younger than himself.

"Thank you for saving me." The young man in yellow shirt also knew the situation. But it\'s a pity he was completely powerless just by saying this sentence, and it was difficult for him to utter a few more words.

Seeing this, Xu Ziqing also panicked a little. He thought for a while, and said, "I think that ash-gray butterfly is highly poisonous. Your arm is injured, and the poison Qi is probably..." He seemed to recall something, and then said, "Young Master, now that things have come to this, it is better to cut off the remnant to survive. I have seen a milky-white medicine pill, which can regenerate muscles, stop the bleeding, and has a miraculous effect. " 

He didn\'t know much. At that time, he saw Xu Zifeng giving this medicine pill to Xu Chengwu. Although Xu Chengwu\'s arm was almost broken, it was restored to the former state in just a few breaths, which was very miraculous. At this time, the young man saw that the poisonous blood attacked his heart. After thinking about it, Xu Ziqing naturally had to inform him. 

The young man in yellow shirt understood it very well. Originally there was a bit of turbidity in his eyes, but now he shows a trace of being sober. He struggled to take out a dagger, which was extremely sharp. It could be seen that it can cut iron like mud. However, it is not a magic weapon. Although there is a little bit of spiritual aura, it is only close to that of a magic weapon.

His hand was unstable and the dagger fell to the ground. He said within his mouth, "Now I\'m unable to move a single step, , I will trouble you to cut off my arm and peel off the skin and flesh on it."

Xu Ziqing was startled, he didn\'t expect this matter to fall on his head. But the young man in yellow shirt was indeed sweating coldly and was standing stiffly, unable to move. The other people also had no time to spare...Xu Ziqing gritted his teeth and picked up the dagger.

Now the matter of the yellow-shirted youth is imminent. Although Xu Ziqing has never seen blood, he couldn\'t care about it.

After taking a deep breath, Xu Ziqing mobilized spiritual power in his palm, grabbed the right hand of the young man in yellow shirt, swung the dagger and slashed hard - "Brush!"

The arm fell straight down, revealing the thick, white bones of the shoulders. The young man in yellow shirt twitched in pain. But he suddenly seemed to gain strength and he pulled out a ribbon to tie around his shoulder to stop the bleeding. 

Xu Ziqing took a closer look at the arm that was cut off, and saw that it was almost completely black all over, except for some good meat near the shoulder. Thinking about it, if he would wait a little longer, the poisonous Qi would pass over his shoulders and rush into his head.

Fortunately, fortunately.

After the young man in yellow shirt swallowed a medicine pill, his complexion was much better, and he looked at Xu Ziqing again: "Thank you, if it wasn\'t for your righteousness to save me, I would have lost my life."

"You have already thanked me, so you don\'t need to be so polite." Xu Ziqing didn\'t say anything when he saw that he didn\'t remember him anymore. With only a slight smile, he pointed the dagger at the broken arm, "I will help you cut the poisonous blood and flesh?"

The youth in yellow shirt softened his voice: "Since it\'s like this... Thank you for your trouble ."

Xu Ziqing grabbed his arm and used a dagger to cut off the rotten flesh. This poison did not seem to invade the bones. As a result those were still snow-white, and there was no corrosion. The youth in the yellow shirt over there was relieved to see it.

After a while, the rotten flesh on the arm was cutted off. There was only a bare hand bone in good condition.

At this time, the bleeding of the young man in yellow shirt stopped, and he reached out to pick up the bones of his hand and put them in his storage bag. Then he took out a jade bottle about the size of his little finger and handed it to Xu Ziqing: "You saved my life, those five Bigu pills (1) are to express my gratitude ."

Xu Ziqing was startled, he couldn\'t accept it. He was originally repaying his kindness, how could he accept his gift and thanks again? He pushed it back and said, "It was merely just a little effort (2), so I shouldn\'t accept such a big gift."

The young man in yellow shirt did not expect that Xu Ziqing would refuse. The two of them are not from the same family. This kind of life-saving kindness, not to mention a few Bigu pills, even if he want a magic weapon from him, he would give it to him. It never occurred to him that this little boy not only refused him repaying the favor, but also rejected it. Does he have bigger plans, or does he really have such a heart?

Xu Ziqing was quite helpless, those Bigu Pills could not be accepted, so he had to tell about the former situation: "Young Master, it is possible that you don\'t remember. On the first day of entering the secret realm, I was almost injured by a spotted snake demon. It was the Young Master and Esteemed Older Brother who caught that snake, so I was lucky enough to survive. Today\'s matter is just a repayment for the situation on that day, so you really do not have to be troubled by it."

The young man in the yellow shirt was suddenly stunned. He only gave a small gift to his Elder Brother that day, and he naturally chased away those who were almost buried in the snake cave and whose spiritual power was weak. He never thought that he would be rewarded now. That being the case, he took the Bigu Pills. They don\'t owe each other left and right, but from this matter their characters could be seen. If they are brought together by fate in the future, they may be able to become friends.

"So that\'s it." He said, "I am the fifth youth of the Wei family, my name is Wei Qing. I don\'t know what is your name?"

Xu Ziqing also cupped his hands in greeting: "Xu Ziqing is just a part-time worker in Baicaoyuan."

Hearing Xu Ziqing\'s identity, Wei Qing couldn\'t help but be surprised. When he looked at Xu Ziqing\'s clothes, it was indeed simple and crude, but his words were very good, not resembling a humble person who worked all year round. In addition, this little boy got a place to enter the secret realm of Lin Yuan, how can he have that kind of status? Wei Qing also didn\'t think that there was any need for this young man to lie, and even if it was a lie, it wasn\'t too big. 

After thinking through from different angles (3), he didn\'t know what was the matter. Wei Qing has always been straightforward, he didn\'t judge and didn\'t bother. It is this person who comes and goes, and it doesn\'t matter what his identity is.

Xu Ziqing didn\'t see the contempt in Wei Qing\'s eyes, so he couldn\'t help but admire Wei family\'s education. Since he is the fifth youth of the Wei Clan, he should be from the direct line. He has also seen Tian Liang, the direct descendant of the Tian clan. Regarding morals and character, compared with this person, there is really a difference as big as distance between heaven and earth.

When the two of them reached this place, they didn\'t talk much anymore. They didn\'t have the ability to join the battle, so they could only watch.

Thus, the conversation between Xu Ziqing and Wei Qing was just a small episode. The battle in that place between the cultivators and the Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies was still very intense.

These cultivators gradually became familiar with ash-gray butterflies offensive approach, and some of them got used to it. When they fought, they were no longer at a disadvantage, but instead became equal rivals.

Xu Zifeng spinned his sword, and the ash-gray butterflies all over his body rustled, and fell down just like autumn leaves withering and the wind sweeping the ground. Meng Wanqin and Tian Tao were even more crazy. Their two families had lost as many as twenty or thirty people, all of whom were the outstanding talents of the clans, so how could they not feel pain and regret!

In a blink of an eye, more than half of the ash-gray butterflies were injured and killed. There was a large ash cloud floating out of the depths of the cave. The butterflies were connected with their heads and remnants, and they were stitched together. It went as far as to create layers upon layers of an unending stream. 

Killing one, but more are coming. Those cultivators have already grasped the method of killing butterflies, but it was difficult to escape from inevitable despairing thoughts. If in the end their spiritual power is exhausted, and if the spiritual energy in the dantian is used up, it\'s perhaps that this cave is where their bones will be buried!

Xu Ziqing held his breath, his eyes fell on the Old Man He. He knew in his heart that this whole time he was relying on this Steward\'s protection. Although this smoking pipe was powerful, it still had to be manipulated by people. If Old Man He has an accident, Xu Ziqing will definitely not get the slightest benefit. What\'s more, this Old Man has been taking good care of him, and he couldn\'t help being concerned about him.

Fortunately, although Steward He lifespan is coming to an end, he still has spiritual power. When he was killing the butterflies, he was not fighting with all he had, but he attached most importance to protecting himself, so he was still full of energy at this time. He just frowned, as if he was also worried about the current situation in the cave.

Now all the cultivators have fallen into the Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies\' trap. But those butterflies are clearly not a murderous things, so why are they so fierce and not afraid of death? Are they encountered a problem, or are they just obstructing the path of the cultivators? Were it not for necessary, it may be assumed that those Demonic Beasts also didn\'t want to fight with a lot of cultivators.

In the World under Heaven there is always a lot of smart people, and after fighting with ash-gray butterflies for a long time, they also had some thoughts.

Xu Zifeng was schemed by Demonic Beasts before, and wasn\'t reconciled. But after a while of killing the ash-gray butterflies, he calmed down and returned to a clear-minded state.

No matter how numerous these ash-gray butterflies were, they were all just child butterflies. However, the cave was full with child butterflies, where did the mother butterfly go?

The leader of the Seven-Colors Illusion Butterflies is a mother butterfly. If one can kill the leader, the child butterflies will no longer attack. Since the child butterflies are all flying in the cave, and they never encountered anything else when they came in, then the location of the mother butterfly must be...

Xu Zifeng turned around to kill a butterfly again, and leaped into the depths of the cave!




• abstaining from eating cereals (Taoist practise) 

• fasting


-the exertion of lifting one\'s hand

- a very slight effort


• to turn over in one\'s mind

- to think through from different angles

• to ponde

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