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Chapter 407 - Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix

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Chapter 407: Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix


“…” The Cloud Flame Fox opened its mouth slightly, momentarily shocked by this reason.

It was so shocked it could not say a word.

After preparing, Wang Che followed the Cloud Flame Fox down the valley.

Occasionally, it would introduce some ancient soul beasts to Wang Che. He was quite familiar with them.

This was because some ancient soul beasts were in the encyclopedia, such as the Sword Spirit Bear.

However, they were all very old. Basically, they died not long after the war ended.

There were also some in recent times who died because their lifespan reached its end. There were also some who died because they could not withstand the Heavenly Tribulation.

At this moment, as he was introducing, a dazzling light suddenly erupted in the distance!

It soared into the sky!

“Oh!” The Cloud Flame Fox was shocked, “Look over there quickly. There should be someone from your Eastern War Zone whose martial soul has evolved! This light, this color! This should be Senior Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix’s soul aura! No way, after so many years, I didn’t expect someone to actually be able to resonate with Senior Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix’s soul! This person’s martial soul must be related to the Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix!”

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Wang Che also looked over.

The aura was indeed incomparably vast, especially the scorching aura that seemed to be able to burn the ground.

“This Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix is a hundred thousand-year soul beast, right?” Wang Che asked.

“Not just a hundred thousand years.” The Cloud Flame Fox whispered, “This is a supreme expert who controlled flames in the Remote Antiquity Era. It’s considered an overlord of the Remote Antiquity Era. Do you know what an overlord of the Remote Antiquity Era is?”

“I’ll assume you don’t know.”

Wang Che: “…”

“In any case, it’s the super-powerful one from the Remote Antiquity Era.” The Cloud Flame Fox said with a longing expression, “I’m also good at flames, but unfortunately, compared to this overlord, the difference is even greater than the difference in looks between you and the Golden Eagle Great Sage.”

“It’s definitely very powerful.” Wang Che nodded in affirmation.

“Let’s go and take a look first,” the Cloud Flame Fox said. “The evolution will last for a short time. I wonder who’s so lucky.”

Wang Che glanced around and followed.

Before long, they arrived around the scorching pillar of light.

“As expected, it’s a girl… If it’s a man, it’s impossible to resonate with Senior Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix’s soul.”

The Cloud Flame Fox looked into the distance and swung its tail, “So this is her martial soul. No wonder it directly caused evolution…”

Wang Che also watched.

It was a little familiar.

Below the scorching pillar of light stood a few people. It should be a team.

In the center of the pillar of light was a feather.

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At this moment, soul aura constantly coiled around the feather and surged into it, forming a powerful pillar of light!

Then, red soul beast phantoms began to form around the feather.

“Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix…”

Wang Che pondered.

He looked at the owner of the feather martial soul in the distance.

It was his high school classmate, Lin Xi.

Beside her were Li Yunxiu and the other members of the Battle Soul Academy who had encountered her in the Earth Fire Competition.

With their team’s strength, Wang Che was naturally not surprised to be able to reach this point.

He just did not expect to meet them here.

“You know her?” The Cloud Flame Fox seemed to have seen something.

“It’s too far. I can’t see clearly,” Wang Che said.

“Hmph.” The Cloud Flame Fox did not believe him.

The martial soul evolution lasted for a while. Lin Xi, who was bathed in the flames, looked like her aura had become much stronger.

As for what changes martial soul evolution could bring, only she knew.

“Are you planning to go to the martial soul resonance now, or later?” The Cloud Flame Fox asked.


“What are you waiting for? What’s there to wait for? Your condition is not bad. You even sensed the soul aura just now.” The Cloud Flame Fox was puzzled, “Shouldn’t you strike while the iron is hot?”

Wang Che thought to himself, ‘I’m not here to undergo martial soul resonance.’

He roughly knew why the Golden Eagle Great Sage wanted the Cloud Flame Fox to bring him here.

Looking at the pillar of light that shot into the sky, Wang Che’s face lit up.

After a long time, the pillar of light gradually disappeared. In the distance, Lin Xi’s body seemed to be covered in a layer of color as her aura increased sharply.

The feather martial soul had actually changed.

“Tsk tsk, the Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix transformed it from an equipment martial soul to a spirit martial soul. Although Senior has already passed away…” The Cloud Flame Fox sighed, “However, it still lives in this world in another way. For so many years, when we ancient soul beasts pay our respects every year, the aura of Senior Nine Heavens Flame Phoenix’s soul did not even produce a fluctuation. I didn’t expect it to choose a human.”

“That feather martial soul is really powerful…”

Phoenix Feather, a Mythical martial soul, was naturally powerful.

After Lin Xi, Li Yunxiu, and the others packed up, they began to walk back.

Perhaps because they were not far away, they quickly noticed Wang Che and the Cloud Flame Fox. They stopped in their tracks.

“Soul pet?” Lin Xi frowned slightly, “No, it seems to be an ancient soul beast? Why does this person have an ancient soul beast by his side? And he’s alone?”

“I can’t sense any aura. It’s not a human, right?” One of the women pushed up her glasses, “Could it be a soul beast from the Myriad Beast Mountain? I heard that ancient soul beasts over a hundred thousand years old can cultivate the human form. However, this Cloud Flame Fox only has a cultivation of a few thousand years. Isn’t it a little inappropriate to be the follower of a hundred thousand-year soul beast?”

“There’s no need to worry. Let’s retreat to the side,” Li Yunxiu said in a low voice. “When I came, I felt that something was wrong. Now that we’ve completed the martial soul resonance, although only Little Xi has successfully evolved, it’s still a huge gain.”

“Save your strength and let’s return safely. Every year during the Myriad Beast Festival, there are no more than three digits of people who can complete their evolution through the martial soul resonance in the Sacred Spirit Valley.”

Li Yunxiu patted Lin Xi on the shoulder, “This time, your martial soul evolved. We basically can’t lose in the King’s Cup. According to what I know, the probability of a Mythical grade martial soul evolving through martial soul resonance is extremely low. Even if the teams of the other top universities come here, their gains will definitely not be as great as ours.”

“When we came just now, we saw two lights of martial soul evolution. They should also be from our war zone, right?” Lin Xi thought for a moment, “The opponents of this year’s King’s Cup are quite strong. Although my martial soul has evolved, my level can’t keep up.”

“Don’t worry.” Li Yunxiu smiled, “The martial soul resonance of the Sacred Spirit Valley only happens once. If it didn’t evolve the first time, it won’t be possible later on. Therefore, those who can evolve are those who have never been here before. This means that there’s a high chance that they’re new students last year.”

“To be able to come here, they must be like you, in the top team of the academy. The situation is similar to yours. Their soul power level won’t be higher than yours. However, your evolution is different from theirs. The aura of that soul beast just now was very terrifying. It’s definitely not an ordinary ancient soul beast.”

“From what I know, it’s probably a batch of ancient soul beasts from the Remote Antiquity Era who died here after experiencing the war of the Fallen Ancient Era. Even in this Sacred Spirit Valley, it’s a unique existence. In this area, there is only a handful who are stronger than it.”

“Among the new students last year, there were even fewer who were more outstanding than you. To be like you and cause this martial soul resonance to evolve…”

At this point, Li Yunxiu shook his head gently, “This probability is basically impossible.”

Lin Xi smiled and said,

“When you say that, it reminds me of Student Wang… If he’s here…”

“Unfortunately, he’s not here.” Li Yunxiu also smiled, “He should have joined one of the two teams of the Forest Academy. If he wants to come here, he shouldn’t be able to do it so quickly. The two teams of the Forest Academy both use the three-for-one tactic. They can’t perform well in the Myriad Beast Mountain and can only familiarize themselves with the team.”

Lin Xi nodded and looked at the man and beast in the distance. She frowned slightly.

“Why does this human’s figure look like him… He’s even wearing a mask…”

“You mean Wang Che?” Li Yunxiu looked over and thought for a moment, “His figure looks quite normal. He’s wearing a mask. I think we’re right. He might be an ancient soul beast.”

“Because ancient soul beasts with a hundred thousand years of cultivation can cultivate into the form of a human and be called a Great Sage. However, it’s very difficult to completely cultivate it, so they will transform into a half-human and half-beast form. When a beast appears in the Myriad Beast Mountain, it will usually wear a mask or protective gear to show others.”

“I’ll go ask.” Lin Xi thought for a moment, “If it’s really those ancient soul beast seniors with a hundred thousand years of cultivation, they won’t do anything to us.”

Li Yunxiu did not stop her.

Lin Xi walked over to Wang Che and asked, “Are you a Great Sage of the Myriad Beast Mountain?”

“…” The Cloud Flame Fox was confused.

What were these humans thinking? How could he be a Great Sage of the Myriad Beast Mountain?

Wang Che shook his head.

“Oh, sorry…” Lin Xi hurriedly shook her head, “I saw a soul beast beside you and thought you were the Great Sage of the Myriad Beast Mountain. In that case, you’re a human? I feel that you’re very similar to a high school friend of mine…”

“You mean Wang Che?” Wang Che asked calmly.

At this moment, the Cloud Flame Fox suddenly felt a slight change in this human’s aura.

It was a very unique aura. It felt like… a peerless expert standing on the top of the clouds and looking down at all living beings.

What was this? The Cloud Flame Fox was stunned.

“You know him?” Lin Xi was shocked.

“I know him and have given him pointers,” Wang Che said.

“…” Questions appeared in Lin Xi’s mind.

“Leave this place quickly. Don’t stay for long.” Wang Che strode forward.

The Cloud Flame Fox hurriedly followed.

“You… you… you…” The Cloud Flame Fox pointed at Wang Che, momentarily speechless.

It suddenly wondered what strange deal this guy had made with the Golden Eagle Great Sage.


Wang Che glanced at it.

The Cloud Flame Fox jumped in fright. Its fur stood on end as cold sweat broke out. It could not say a word.

“Wait, what’s your name?”

Lin Xi frowned slightly and looked at the latter’s back.

He had guided Wang Che before?

With Wang Che’s talent and aptitude, could anyone guide him?

Lin Xi did not believe it. She definitely did not believe it!

In the distance, a moment later, a voice slowly sounded.

“My name is… Wang Batian.”

Hearing this, Lin Xi was immediately stunned. She walked back to Li Yunxiu’s side and frowned, her face filled with confusion and questions.

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