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Chapter 1112

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Chapter 1112

Chapter 1111- God Killing Cannon

"Split up." Fang Ge Que said a simple sentence.

We spread out. Another Boss, who knew what tier was this, would it be five star god tier? If it was then it might drop a five star god artifact!

A scorching energy spread around the second floor but it was unusually dark. The flames from the seventh floor couldn't light this place up. I moved God Dragon Horse slowly forwards and Lin Wan Er sat in my arms, "I hope we can kill Lei Ding quickly and help you get the Overlord set. We mustnot let Q-Sword get the Rising Dragon Set before you."

I laughed. I wrapped my arm around her waist, "Each to their own. Moreover, Q-Sword is Hero Mound's guild leader and it is normal for his equipment to be better than mine. How can we always be stronger than others?"

"No, I want you to be stronger than him!" She started to be stubborn.

I laughed, "Okay, I must be stronger than everyone!"

"En, if not how will you protect me."

"Actually in game, you can protect yourself."

Lin Wan Er's face dimmed, "if that is the case then why are you by my side."

My heart felt pained, "Don't worry, I will accompany you and won't leave. I swear."

"En." She smiled in satisfaction.

Even if she was a goddess tier beauty to other, but she was a little girl. No matter what I said, she would believe me.

"I found it!"

A few minutes later, Piggy's voice entered the party chat, "Coordinates 3311, 1093. Here, come over quick!"

Fang Ge Que said, "Piggy don't start, wait for us. This 100 men map Boss is definitely much stronger than those Bosses outside. We won't be its match."

"En, understood. Come over quick."

I rode my horse and brought Lin Wan Er over. Very quickly I saw many players standing there, their equipment shining the special god artifact light. Li Mu, Wang Jian and Bai Qi were all here. Apart from that, Simple, Bai Li Ruo feng, Jian Feng Han etc were here too. More and more people arrived and soon everyone was here.

At the corner, a lonely figure sat on a piece of rock. In his hands was a flame wrapped spear and his armor shone a god artifact light. His half decomposed face was really terrifying. Jian Feng Han rode his horse close and shared his stats to the party–

King of Flames Lisha (4 star God Tier Boss)

Level: 208

Attack: 35000- 47000

Defence: 33000

Health: 280000000

Skill: Flame Stab, Flame Mark, Halberd Whirlwind, God Killing Cannon

Introduction: King of Flames Lisha is a controller of flames. Lisha could control flames with his hands since he was young and after he grew up, he learned a special flame spear technique from a master. But in the end he was killed on the path to obtaining power. Although his body decomposed but his battle soul did not. He continued to challenge experts to get stronger in hell and finally Azure took him in. He became one of the Azure army's most important generals.

"This time,

how about I be the tank?" Jian Feng Han smiled.

I saw how confident he was so I nodded, "En, be careful!"


Jian Feng Han rode his horse over and raised his sword. A wolf head image formed and Greedy Wolf Blade landed on the Boss's head dealing 60 thousand damage. After all he was Vanguard's Guild Leader so his attack was high.

That small move infuriated the Boss. King of Flames roared and a flame horse formed beneath his legs. He just looked so cool.

Flame Stab!

The Boss's first skill was here. Jian Feng Han was really calm. The words Greedy Wolf Armor floated around him. It was a Deity Tier Skill. His armor changed and a wolf eye appeared in front of his chest. His shoulders showed the defensive spikes of the wolf head raising his defence by 270%. Good fellow, it rose more defence than my Wall of Douqi!

"Peng peng peng…"

A series of stabs. Jian Feng Han tanked all of it but only suffered less than 200 thousand damage. The healers healed him together so he was in no trouble.

"Let's go!"

I raised my swords and charged. Ye Lai, Li Mu, Yan Zhao Warrior, Mocha etc surrounded the boss and the ranged players started to damage.

This Boss was a god general and naturally it wouldn't be so simple. He spunned with his halberd and forced players back. Everywhere he passed also had flame marks which would deal burn damage to players who stepped on it.

But, what was worse was next. He hollered like he was on drugs and a giant cannon formed. These cannons had the same effect as the cannon attacks from Musketee. The Boss grabbed the cannon and fired three shots at Jian Feng Han. This was the final skill- God Killing Cannon!

"Peng peng peng!"




The attacks were just too quick such that we weren't able to react. Jian Feng Han knelt onto the ground. Even with Greedy Wolf Armor's 270% defence he was still unable to block those three cannons. This Boss was a true monster!

Fang Ge Que waved his fan and bound the Boss. He said loudly, "Revive Jian Feng Han. Xiao Yao continue to tank, grab the aggro!"

I charged in and used Wind Carrying Slash to cause the Boss to cry. My damage was too high so naturally I gained all the aggro. At the same time Fang Ge Que warned, "Be careful of the God Killing Cannon, if needed then use your invincibility."

I nodded, "Understood."

Yan Zhao Warrior and Drunken Spear continued to slash and they too drew some aggro. Lin Wan Er told them to retreat right away as we couldn't be too careless. After all our levels weren't high and whoever died would be a loss for the china region.

Jian Feng Han continued to attack and helped to tank alongside me. I noticed that he attacked the gap in the armor and its neck. He was finding his weakness. When he found it, his left hand turned into a palm to slap onto it!


This was a skill called Greedy Hand, SSS Grade skill, it dealt 181222 health. At the same time, it turned all the health into his own. This was really strong, a bare handed skill dealt so much damage. It could probably ignore all defence and its damage could increase too.

At the same time, the close combat players realised that Jian Feng Han was different. He was smarter and strategic as compared to just being brave previously. If we fought him again, we had to be careful. However, there might be no more chances. Country wars came and went and each time we were covered in wounds. No one wanted to battle in china region anymore. Even Wang Zecheng didn't bring Rising Sun like Blood to cause trouble.


The Boss roared in rage and the cannons appeared beside his armor.

"Be careful, he is using it again!"

Fang Ge Que hollered and used Spiral Ice Dance to try to interrupt the Boss.

But it missed. Along with my Binding Chains and Lin Wan Er's stun, the Boss didn't get hit. I had 65% aggro so I was definitely the target.

I used Wall of Douqi and activated Icy Wings. I held my swords in front of my chest and got ready to receive the attacks.

"Peng peng peng!"

Three strikes and three shocking numbers rose up–




My Defence was much stronger than Jian Feng Han so I managed to block it. But the three cannonballs were really strong and forced me into the corridor and made me hang in mid air. Beneath my feet was the abyss. Luckily I could fly and I didn't fall to my death.

Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and Drunken Spear all headed forwards to battle the Boss.

Along with the Boss's health dropping, the CD of God Killing Cannon seem to reduce. When the Boss's health was 30%, the three cannons were fired every 10 seconds. We were in danger. Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, Li Mu etc were all killed once, even Mocha dropped a level. But that was okay, her level was originally lower so once we killed the Boss she would definitely profit.

We hated that skill but fortunately this Boss only had one life. I used Wind Carrying Slash to kill him!

A large amount of equipment were dropped, at least 7-8 of them. What was most tempting was a purple skill book. This book was the first one to be shared and instantly the roll mode was opened–

God Killing Cannon (God Tier): Summon God Killing Cannon and deal three cruel blows to a target. Damage is related to user's Attack and Agility. Attacks can stack lethal blow effect, required charm: 90, required level 185, required job: Musketee

There were only three Musketee so we rolled. Fox finally appeared, he was so lucky and obtained this God Tier skill–

Lie Huo: 71

Piggy: 65

Glass Fox: 100

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