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Chapter 555: One person a second

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Chapter 555: One person a second

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“Lu Li–”

When I was about to bring Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly and the others away, Lin Xi stopped me.


I turned around to her and lowered to see her long lashes and snow white face. My heart shook.

“You don’t need to waste time with Breaking Dawn and Dragonrider Hall.”

She smiled, “Let Light Lantern and Mundane Slaughter command, you just need to charge into Hidden Dragon Mountain and kill Captain Lu, Camelback, Old Li etc. Stack Swallow Soul to 1000 and then come to the main battlefield. If you don’t come, in at most 2 hours they will break through and then With You will collapse…”

I sucked in a deep breath and understood. We were racing against time. Lin Xi took three teams to support Forbidden City and Lingyan Pavilion. If she didn’t, they would collapse right away but after the three teams were moved, With You will collapse. My Swallow Soul stacks became the only change in this battle!


I looked at her and nodded, “You must hold on, once my Swallow Soul stack is enough I will come back to help you!”

“En en—”

She smiled and said, “Come back quick or I will get hit…”

I laughed, “Understood– Time to go!”

I turned around and entered White Cloak state before disappearing.


Spirit Realm Battlefield, southwest.

The plains spread into the distance. At this moment, this place was destined to become covered in the flames of war. Light Lantern led the Sika Deer Cavalries at the front and set up a defence line Shen Mingxuan led the ranged, control and support teams behind. On the sides were Lingyan Pavilion and Forbidden City.

Ahead, was a line of enemies. It was Dragonrider Hall, Breaking Dawn, Cloud Ocean and Hidden Dragon Mountain. They covered the plains and pushed forwards. From afar it was just a black patch and it suppressed one’s heart. The four guilds really sent so many people.


Light Lantern frowned, “How many people do these guilds have?”

Astral Step was solemn and said, “Dragonrider Hall with its division has 9000+ people, Breaking Dawn has 13000+, Cloud Ocean has 6000+. Hidden Dragon Mountain has around 4000 people. Altogether there are 30 thousand of them.


A Forbidden City Paladin was stunned, “What about us?”

On his side, a Sika Deer Cavalry smiled, “We have less than 12 thousand but that is okay, fight then. They are noobs!”

“With You really is confident…”



Not long later, the four guilds pushed close. Right ahead were the guild leaders. Wines and Poems, Breaking Dawn Ash, Fresh Fury and Man of Steel rode their horses out. Their faces were filled with killing intent. Breaking Dawn Ash held his sword and shouted into the distance, “Astral Step, Cloud arrogance! Breaking Dawn is here to destroy With You so why are you two interfering?”

“That is because we have a common enemy!”

Astral Step laughed coldly, “Breaking Dawn Ash, you have joined hands with Dragonrider Hall and Cloud Ocean. They are our enemies so do you think we won’t do anything?”


Wines and Poems held his sword, “Astral Step, don’t think that I don’t know what you think. You think that With You has become strong so you want to rely on them and get some resources right?”


Peng Haoren placed his sword in front of his chest, “Allow me to be honest, if not, can Forbidden City get any area here? But we don’t have to announce that if not they would feel so awkward. So, let’s take a step back, hehe—”


A Forbidden City Warrior shouted, “Ball sucker, who are you to speak here? Apart from dissing people and being weird, what skills do you have?”

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Peng Haoren rode his horse forwards and said, “If you think I have no skill then fight me then? Let’s have a battle here, do you dare? I really look down on you, you have no balls!”

“Shut it!”

Breaking Dawn Ash said solemnly, “Prepare to attack, we have the numbers advantage. This battlefield is huge so let’s break through them and then after killing With You, it won’t be too late to talk nonsense to them.”


Man of Steel raised his sword and shouted, “Brothers, this is the first time Hidden Dragon Mountain is coming to the battlefield, do everyone remember the fear of July Wildfire? Now it is time for revenge, our Hidden Dragon will crush With You. What did Zhou Datong say?”

Wang Yaozu, Old Li raised their blades and said, “Clear the enemy and capture Lu Li, trample With You and get Lin Xi!”


I was speechless, after such a long time, it seems like Hidden Dragon is the same.


Breaking Dawn Ash, Wines and Poems raised their swords and shouted the same thing. After they shouted that, two of them looked at one another and stared. It was obvious that both of them thought that they were the commanders. Before this, there was definitely no definite conclusion and now they wanted to stand out more. As for the real leader, it was definitely Yanshi Bugong, so they were just fighting for second.

“Prepare to fight!”

Light Lantern pulled out his sword and pointed it forwards, “Prepare to defend! Stop anyone from attacking and protect the defence line!”

Horse hooves sounded out and in the distance, the four guild cavalries launched their first wave. At least 3000-5000 cavalries charged. This was the first of such a scale but it unfortunately it was a little messy.

I waved my daggers and stood to the right of the Hidden Dragon forest. After Man of Steel charged with his cavalries, I entered Flames Transformation and used Quickness. I landed in their crowd and used Apprehension and Wooden Dummy. At the same time, I waved my daggers and slashed about with basic attacks. But Fire Feather Strike+Star Ocean Strike was too strong and each attack could kill a low health player. Along with Apprehension and Wooden Dummy, Swallow Soul stacks started to increase!

“Not good!”

A Hidden Dragon player shouted, “July Wildfire is in our backlines. Boss come and help us, if not we will be washed in blood!”

“Control him!”

Man of Steel slashed a Lingyan Pavilion player while shouting, “We can’t go back, wherever July Wildfire goes to, brothers just control him!”


But how would it be so easy? Hidden Dragon was a T3 or even T4 guild and the backline ranged player levels were too low, their average was at most 105-107. I was 14 levels higher so their control spells did practically 0 damage to me.

Flames of Karma!

Hunter’s Edge!

Dragon Will!

Muddy Waters!

Wooden Dummy!

I tossed skills out and at this point, I was invincible in their crowd. But that wasn’t enough. I raised my hand and summoned Orange Night and White bird, “Clear the battlefield, kill them!”


They nodded and split up. Demon Spear and the sword slashed about. Especially White Bird, her attacks insta killed the low level players. One Star Slash exploded in the crowd and split groups.

Moreover, I noticed that puppet kills were counted as mine. Their kills helped to stack Swallow Soul, which was overpowered.

In the end, Man of Steel led Hidden Dragon at the front while I was clearing out his backline. In just ten minutes my Swallow Soul was stacked to 600+. Facing such a super guild, I was able to kill a person a second!

Ahead, anyone that saw me retreated. No one wanted to be unlucky. But they were too slow and they couldn’t flee. They still fell to my daggers one by one.

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